last modified: January 12 2018 12:33

Fix for SL880's power-on problem

I had this problem with a Fatar SL880 midi controler where it would scramble the settings and wouldn't operate properly most of the time when switched on with the power switch. This problem didn't exist when the SL880 was switched on with an external switch, which encouraged me to search for a solution.

The solution ("as in works for me") is simple: short circuit two pins on the circuit board (see image).

The pins belong to the power switch which is connected to the internal power regulator, twice. And that seems to be the problem. First the external power supply is routed through the switch to the regulator and later the regulator's output is routed through the switch to the rest of the circuit. I don't know why the latter has to be routed through the switch (design flaw?), but after permanently connecting the regulator to the other parts my problem disappeared.

To access the circuit board you have to losen the outer screws on the bottom side. (Three Phillips screws on each side, hidden in deep holes. I had to use a small screwdriver.) The top can be lifted now, after which you can see the board in the middle of the lifted top.
The pins I shorted are marked with a red 'circle' in the picture above.

If the description isn't clear or to tell your success story you can mail me at sl880 at kappenburg dot net.