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The goal of MidiMadness is controlling all (a lot of) mididevices in an easy way.

The "all" part makes this software difficult to develop. I have no idea of all the capabilities of all devices. I own only 3 midi devices of different ages and manufacterors. The capabilities of those devices are the base of the generalization for all devices.
The approach is to use device descriptions in XML, strained by an XML-Schema. The XML-data is used by a backend. Frontends should be able to use a generic frontend or device specific frontends.

MidiMadness seems to work ... a bit.

Until version 0.8 there is no schema for release dates. From version 0.8 all structures should be in place and from then on the feature based releases will be changing to time based releases. (Oh, and the current feature based schedule is quite incomplete.)

Current Release Schedule:

version features
0.2 sending messages to devices
0.3 sending and retrieving data patches
0.4 editing patches
0.5 ....
1.0 all the above with no bugs
With green=done, yellow=todo and that other color=working on

Hm, release schedule does suggest that jou can get something. If you are interested send an email to midimadness at

If you want to get on my blacklist send an email to