last modified: January 12 2018 12:33


PodControl is a program for controling a Line6 pod2.0 device.
The code is not complete and it never will be. It will be replaced with midimadness.

With PodControl it is possible to load/save and edit sounds from the pod2.0. It is even possible to load some lib-files. Not all kind off lib-files are supported. A better tool for reading and dumping lib-files would be tonefree written by Bob Copeland.

Here are some screen shots...

Notice the ugly colors. I hope it reminds you of the status of the project. :)

Podcontrol is open source.
(The latest version is adapted for Kdevelop3)

  podcontrol source: podcontrol-20040316-01.tbz
  To run podcontrol you need the midiio library.